Thursday, 1 September 2011

Xu manager to Mulberry Alexa Bag a guide

Xu manager to Mulberry Alexa Bag a guide, resolutely said:

"That well, maintain, you go to Hong Kong, first to the new factory to see your uncle, there to write me letters details to righteousness, urged the letter faster commenced." "That's no problem, wrapped in my body, but mount tai!" His problem is solved, and up and down in excitement to run out, side loudly call way:


WuLanZhen is large when Mrs. S niece works, she lived in suzhou, because ready to take an examination of fudan university, live in XuYiDe home. At this time, she's upstairs in the big room. Mrs. Mrs. Big in a whisper to her and said:

"LanZhen, the entrance examination of university, you must work hard. University graduated, the future of your security."

"Aunt, you trust, I must be very good for it." She has to listen to my aunt said several times so, afraid of her nagging down again, and said, "I want to, take an examination, probably no problem."

"Or be careful."

"Yes." She listen to aunt tone a little blame her meaning, low head, playing with the weak hands of color handkerchief.

"Your mother died early, just leave your daughter, take good reading thisMulberry Messenger Bag, give your mother for breath."

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