Thursday, 1 September 2011

black mulberry bayswater bag will take just meet zhao depot

black mulberry bayswater bag will take just meet zhao depot in detail the detailed detailed again, MeiZuoXian listen very happy, tapped on the shoulder, praise, tao will say:

"You really can do it!!!!! You are we as a people, great, great. You scold me, before the workers in many workers have heard, did a beautiful, who will not see a little flaw. General manager says, to do so, don't in the face of the workers after, I called assertive better."

Tao will MeiZuoXian looked at the chest of a rosy tie, smiled and said:

"Don't you mad at mulberry bayswater bag oak?"

", "by MeiZuoXian intimacy," still tell that to play. Acting of lifelike, more like the better. The stage set, the a; a set, face to face behind a picture it is. ";

"Yes, it's for you to say."

"You say......"

Without a word MeiZuoXian finished, a young waiter left arm with a piece of white cloth lowered, the smile came in, looking at the MeiZuoXian, said:

"Guest here?"

MeiZuoXian nodded: "together."

"Two points what side dishes?"

The waiter's eye beat the tao will not content to ask for it, says MeiZuoXian a person's opinion, also please him a little. Tao will speak anymore! No, his eyes stay in MeiZuoXian fat fat, fat rectangular face. MeiZuoXian understand his meaning: wants a good and bad openings to order. MeiZuoXian heart just to hear the good news, he tao will not eat, eat don't care what they said:

"You give us three vegetables with a black mulberry bayswater bag have a meal, relaxed point."

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