Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fashion is the inevitable result of social development

Fashion is the inevitable result of social development, then  fashion mulberry bayswater bag should also is a kind of inevitable. This words fully reflect the contemporary society's development trend, the pursuit of fashion is now a trend trend of high school students, middle school students think only follow fashion pace forward, to the same age ranked in the crowd.

With relevant statistics: think high school students should pursue fashion (40%), and should not be accounted for 60%. Still have like fashion and don't like the accounted for 50%; Think pursuit vogue with the age of the walk is 70%, don't think, 30% And in the appearance of dress is agreed to a kind of fashionable 47%, not 53%. I personally agree that pursue fashion and nothing is bad, and as a contemporary teenagers, should keep pace with The Times, to try new things, to keep up with The Times, social steps, no matter like, that is to belong to the individual's be fond of and character. As for middle school students, fashion is their pronoun, they dress up in clothing, and articles for daily use, make up the cost a lot of energy, get like star same, beautifully dressed, dazzling gold, that are subject to the influence of the memories of the two tide, in recent years, South Korea in both countries "invasion" to become fashionable spokesperson, also become the middle school students' pursuit of the goal, they learn to have the face, brightly colored hair dyed with colorful, beautiful heart, the person all has, but also to moderate, according to the case may be, according to economic ability and decide, we now and not fixed income, all the money the parents to source, don't you have any thought you body called the fashion is your parents' hard-earned money? You appear bright in the presence of all, and your parents are in the outside make sweat, dressed in rags. Please you in pursuit vogue also think about when the people around it, why do you wrong this a kind of fashion change an idea: the industry as a fashion, treat as the knowledge the trend, the hard work as a pursuit. Not that it than the "vogue" to more valuable.

Youth is the future of the country, should not seek only the surface of fashion, also want to pursue the inner fashion-studies, the study of it in the first place, and strive to improve their overall quality, the study more cultural knowledge, will more dedicated to a society, contribution in the country. In fact, we also can't depend solely on the inside class cultural knowledge, and become a "death of reading" the frog at the bottom of the synchronous headway with society, should be, and social thought has gone hand in hand with some useful, the pursuit of "fashion" can widen your horizon, more and social contact, understand today's society need is what, don't be out by social, ideological, or won't lag behind, you calculate to have much cultural knowledge, not only need to no avail people of culture, also need to progress thought, that become social true the strong, become the life a pilot.

Pursuit vogue is an inevitable fact of, since can't avoid, accept, as long as the pursuit of the method is correct, proper, so Mulberry Messenger Bag way in every one of them shine, as the world a bright scenery line. Want to pursue fashion people can pursue beneficial "fashion", do not pursue no value, useless "fashion".

Overall, the beneficial fashion, is good for health; Unprofitable fashion, harm set; The appropriate fashion, combining exertion; Excessive fashion, body and mind all the worse.

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